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Taiwanese students in the U.S., trying to share these events in Taiwan with the world.

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Taiwanese Students are using mobile devices to broadcast their protest.

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Students are broadcasting the protest on Live Yahoo

Students are broadcasting the protest on Live Yahoo. (Photo:chitsaou,student)

Taiwanese university students have been protesting for freedom of speech and human rights in Taipei since Nov. 6, capital of Taiwan. Students don’t want the protest be distorted by the mainstream media, so they use their own laptop and digital cameras to broadcast the protest on yahoo, attracting thousands internet users.
The broadcast was set up for those who can’t attend the protest to understand what is happening, and also let their friends know that they are safe. The other concern is that the protest might be tagged as political activity or violence by mainstream media, so students tried to broadcast the real scene by themselves.
In order to let more people understand the protest, students report the scene for audience in Mandarin, Hakka, and English. They also interview students and professors.
Owing to the visit of there are several protests in Taipei now, which are hold by different groups. The biggest one belongs to Democratic Progress Party, the opposite party, which leads several protests in more radical methods which is different from the students’ peace method. Students know that mainstream media might link their protest with DPP, so they try to document their protest in advance.

Watch their boadcast here.
(Alice Ju, Student at Universtity of Texas at Austin)

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November 7, 2008 at 7:29 pm