Free Speech In Taiwan

Taiwanese students in the U.S., trying to share these events in Taiwan with the world.

Momentous Events in the history of free speech development in Taiwan

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(Jiaoyan Huang,Taiwanese student)
Since 1949, Taiwan has been governed by KMT (a political party from China), and there was no human right or speaking freedom. However, people in this country wanted these rights back in 1980s. There was an important person, whose name was Nanrong Zheng, and he tried to stand against the government and to correct the unreasonable political situation at that time. He was accused of violating the law of election and was put in prison in 1986. After discharged, Mr. Zheng worked for the Taiwan independence and for the particular 228 incident, which was an event about how KMT crucified Taiwanese in 1947. Because he published many magazines and tried to present the ideas different from KMT, he was considered as the betrayer of ROC by KMT in 1989, but it was not the truth. He claimed that unfortunately, KMT can imprison body but not the spirit. Then he stayed in the office from January 21 and committed suicide burning himself in April 7. He sacrificed himself to play against KMT for free speaking and Taiwan independence.
As DDP governed the country, the recently illegal protests became legal immediately, such as red-cloth protest (2006) and the invalid election of Taiwan president (2004). However, this time, KMT allowed police to overuse the power and prohibit Taiwanese to say anything which is different from KMT. Compared with Mr. Zheng, the recent protests are more peaceful; however, I still hope Taiwanese can live without scare. Now KMT governs the operation of Legislative Yuan, so they have the power to amend the law. If this unreasonable law can be corrected, the minor ideas can be spoken out. I wish Taiwan can step into next stage after this protest. The law can become more complete, and the government can put the rights of people ahead more.

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November 9, 2008 at 2:32 am

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  1. Good info.
    Perhaps including the Wild Lilies Movement can enrich your article.
    I hope the Ma Government will humble itself to consider the welfare of its citizens. Which will need some sort of miracle!

    Lily Wei

    November 17, 2008 at 1:40 pm

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